The Golden Butterfly

  • The Golden Butterfly
    Traditional and retro sweets. Sherbert fountains, Love hearts, param violet, Brain licker, Hubba bubba, Haribo selection. Assorted bon bons, Rhubarb & custard, Kola cubes, Coconut tea cakes, Fruit drops, Sherbet lemons.
  • The Golden Butterfly
    The Golden Butterfly, supplying confectionery, tobacco and chocolates for over 100 years
  • The Golden Butterfly
    Beeches chocolates, Lindt selection, Belgium chocolates, Turkish delight, Moofree (dairy free) Cavalier sugar free chocolates, traditional boxed chocolates, Violet and Rose creams, Natrajacali, Pralibel Kimberly, Gudrum, Definatley write-Luxury nibbles, Newberry Fruits, Mon Cheri Liquers Chocolates

The Golden Butterfly

The Golden Butterfly has been located in the market town of Saffron Walden and has been established for over 100 years.

The name originates from Hignett’s Golden Butterfly tobacco, which dates back to 1895. One of the few shops to have maintained it's character over the years.

The Golden Butterfly is a traditional confectionist, chocolatier and tobacconist.  We stock over 200 traditional sweets, Belgian chocolates and specialist chocolates including dairy and lactose free. We also have an extensive range of walking sticks, watches tobaccos, cigarettes, smoking accessories, electronic cigarettes from Matchless and Totally Wicked disposable and rechargeable.

For a more information on our sweets and chocolates please take a look at our Confectionary,  Chocolate  and Other Products page.

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